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B&H, Designing For Good, at No Extra Cost to You

Dear brand managers, are you looking for ways to deepen your band loyalty and insure the viability of your company and profits for decades to come, and feel good about it too?

It is no secret that brands all over the west have found a new route to viability and sustainable profits. This new paradigm for brand-strategy is a combination of activating higher purpose, giving back, sustainability, CSR, and a shift to long-term thinking over quarterly profit reports. 

The strategy behind all of these elements is the same and is based on research: helping people live more sustainably shows that you understand their needs and wants, and that you care about them and their desire for a healthier planet.  This mutual understanding deepens the two-way brand relationship, creates good will, and greatly increases brand loyalty, which as you know, translates into sustainable profits. 

Now, because we know that shifting to this new branding strategy takes time and resources—that many companies may not have at present—at Butterflies & Hurricanes we have decided to pass this added value on to our clients for no extra cost. It is included in our normal fees, as a gift to you.  As a gift to all of us.

How it works:

Approximately 40% of the work we do is for non-profit NGOs, such as Médecins Sans Frontières, or local low margin companies intent on supplying all natural, bio, or fair-trade products in as little packaging as possible such as Bez Obalu, Zemanka, and Tierra Verde.  We work for these organisations either at cost or at a very low margin. Therefore, by hiring B&H for your brand strategy, branding, and packaging design, you too are giving back to the same good causes we are supporting, which you can pass on to your customersfor no added cost to you.

Hiring B&H has the added value of bringing another company to your CSR supply chain, and gives you bragging rights that you are a socially responsible company, which your customers will love and reward with loyalty. Give us a try!  


Michaela Thomas


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