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Big Steps 10: The Spirit of 21st Century Design

Say What? Moschino's "Fresh Couture" perfume in a window cleaner bottle? Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott Displays the spirit of 21st Century Design: Courage, humor, and optimism.

"Instead of the classy bottle common for perfume, the blue-tinted ‘Fresh Couture’ eau de toilette comes in a bottle that looks like the common window cleaner Windex." - Design Taxi

According to The Huffington Post". . .the concept for Fresh Couture was to ironically juxtapose a mundane, commonplace household product with a precious, luxury fragrance."

Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott.

Jeremy Scott: "It's all about fun at Moschino . . .  Of course I have a serious side, but you can communicate something much stronger when using humor."

Here are some other Moschino perfume designs that show a spirit of courage, optimism and fun. 

But do notice how they did not start with the window cleaner bottle.  They built up to it.  


The Point:  With the digital and social media revolution   not to mention the dozen other revolutions going on   conservatism and the old tried and true methods are often counter-productive. In this still-young century it is experimentation, fun, having a higher purpose, and a sense of forward-looking optimism that will break and make all the rules, and have the biggest successes. To do this you must be courageous, not afraid to fail, and most of all have fun.  If you are having fun with your products and designs, the right customers will come to you.

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