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Coming Soon: The Future of Food!

Soon we will post our report on the Future of Food 2017 conference at the Summer Fancy Food fair in New York City.

At Butterflies & Hurricanes we strive to be the most informed agency in the Czech Republic on the latest trends in the industry so that we can bring our client designs that are ahead of the curve.  And though this conference was not directly about branding or packaging it holds a lot of interest for us, and brings to light a few stark realities that companies must face.

By looking at the future of food, the trends that are moving us in that direction, and the demographics, we are studying the branding and packaging elements that will go along with them. (As with the What Design Can Do 2017 conference, there is a lot to digest so we thank you for your patience.)

For now, in regards to food trends, the four that will determine the future of specialized foods are: 

  • Sustainability 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Local, and organic, 
  • A close fifth is gluten-free foods, which are facing problems of certification.  

As far as packaging we are seeing a a lot of leaves and green elements along with the bright colours of the 2017 PANTONE color pallette. Here are just a couple of the hundreds of designs we saw and are studying. 

Above and below: We were disappointed not to see much sustainability or alternative packaging methods on display.

Above and below: One problem that was immediately apparent, is that the most progressive foods tend to have the worst packaging.  This is an area that needs to be addressed for the good of the planet.

Another element of this show is how foods will be retailed and digital stores.  This is an area we will look at much more closely.  

See you soon!


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