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Product and Packaging Design with Sustainability in Mind

Not only is this design customer-centric on a number of levels it also demonstrates DESIGN THINKING that has led to a...

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Come and Play! Our Redesign of Míša

In the interest of spreading the many benefits of good design with companies and the public, in this post we share...

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DESIGN TRENDS 2016, EPISODE 4: All You Need Is Less

Continuing our discussion of packaging design’s role in combating cognitive overload, we look at another...

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Last time we explored providing customer’s focus via essentialism and stronger customer-centricity, we now look at...

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Design Trends 2016, Episode 2: Customer-Centricity on Steroids

The next design trend we look at has been growing steadily for years, but is set to explode in 2016 with the example...

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