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Trends 2017, Part 5: LET IT BE (Identity, Idealised)

Peace. Acceptance. Simplicity. Letting go of trend and style to let the brand be what it is. This is an essentialist...

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Trends 2017, Part 3: Less, But Better

People are living more cramped lives. Cities are more crowded. Living spaces are smaller. Our brains are packed full...

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Design Trends 2016, Episode 6: Fun

On our recent product finding and design exploration trip to London, we saw numerous examples of 2016 trends on...

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Design Trends 2016, Episode 2: Customer-Centricity on Steroids

The next design trend we look at has been growing steadily for years, but is set to explode in 2016 with the example...

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Design Trends 2016, Episode 1: FOCUS and ESSENTIALISM

We have reviewed numerous 2016 design trend reports for graphic design and packaging, and this is the first of a...

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