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Edible Packaging? That's the Wrong Question

Despite the "yuck" factor, this development is an indication of how rapidly packaging, and therefore packaging...

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Big Steps 10: The Spirit of 21st Century Design

Say What? Moschino's "Fresh Couture" perfume in a window cleaner bottle? Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott...

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Unity of Design, Purpose and 21st Century Trends

STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! is a brand whose design is unified on many levels, and demonstrates how the trends...

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Take A Nature Walk with Our New Lučina Design

After nearly two years of work*, our Lučina cream cheese project is now public. In this post we share some of the...

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Undigital Digest: 3 Beautiful Examples of the trend

A digest of three undigital designs you might have missed over the summer. This is a trend that is still growing.

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Packaging of the World Digest 2: Brown is the New Black

Innovation and sustainability. Recycled paper. A natural plain brown look that says "Forget plastic, colors and...

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