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Ingredients on the Package

Our last post on the Honey Bunny packaging got a lot of attention because it was an example of a trend. This is a preliminary design we proposed for a Prague based company in April last year (2014).

Last year we pitched for a Prague based company and this was our preliminary design proposal.  It was seen as a bit too radical at the time and we did not win the pitch.  This was unfortunate for us because we felt this was a cutting edge design.  However it was more unfortunate for the client who missed out on being first in on a new trend.

The idea behind our design was to demonstrate the naturalness and simplicity of the product by showing the separate, raw ingredients on the package.  This also served to simplify the complexity of the listed ingredients on the back of the package printed in text, according to law, that was going to appear cold and scientific no matter what we did.


This was our way of simplifying complexity and being more transparent about the ingredients (even the salt and fat are shown).  In a way it was an infographic of the food's contents. We count it as a win for us because it demonstrated that our thinking was out in front, at least in our part of Europe, and shows that our claims of being a leader in our field are valid.

A final thought: By showing the ingredients on the package, and not the final cooked product, this design is not limiting itself to a certain occasion, style, class of food, or even time of day.  Its purpose is more versatile and therefore more agile. And therefore more viable and far reaching as a brand-relationship as it is not limited to a certain target market.  In essence, it lets the consumer decide the time, place and purpose, and therefore is customer centric. 



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