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We don't just do food! And because we often get so excited about the many new opportunities brought to our industry by the Sustainability Business Model, and the rapid pace of innovation, we sometimes forget to post our own more traditional, but still transformative designs. Here are some of those.

Though we are a packaging design firm seeking to greatly reduce the amount of packaging being produced due to its tendency to instantly become waste, we do still design packaging. If we didn't, the transition would be too abrupt, for our clients and for ourselves, and not economically sustainable. 

(If you still associate the word "sustainability" with "environmentalism, please click here for a definition of the Sustainability Business Model.)

But we are a dynamic agencyand because any transition to a more sustainable model is a measured process of small steps, and we understand that each of our clients work under unique circumstancesat times we go with a more traditional design to better serve our client, but still offer designs in line with the latest styles and trends that open new doors and opportunities.

Here are some of those designs:

SUNKINS is a brand of food supplements for people who want to live a healthier life.

The PIXIE CREW is a line of school supplies that allow creative children to design their own accessories. 

PIXIE CREW's logo, before and after.

PALMA's line of flavoured margarines.

VINEA: local flavour, local culture, local people. 

Thank you for having a look!


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