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The Day My Life Changed

On Friday 24 March, I spoke to the marketing team at Nestlé about the day my life changed.

In my presentation I told the story of the discoveries and events that opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities in design, branding and marketing. My aim was not so much to do open-heart surgery on the branding and marketing styles of the last 50 years, as it was to perform a whole heart transplant.

I shared how a growing sense of responsibility, a spirit of generosity, and a shift in perspective on design, have brought new meaning to my work and my industry. And I backed this up with numerous examples from global brands.

These changes are happening. They are transforming whole industries, increasing profits, and attracting and retaining the best and most motivated employees. If your company chooses to ignore them, you run a high risk of not only being blown out of the competition, but being seen as part of the problem.

Even your brand can be a force for good.


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