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Trends 2017, Part 5: LET IT BE (Identity, Idealised)

Peace. Acceptance. Simplicity. Letting go of trend and style to let the brand be what it is. This is an essentialist design trend in response to overwhelmed shoppers.

Imagine a world where products do not have to fight for attention, where the brand identity alone is enough to reach the shopper. In this world the design is such that trend and style are moved to the side so that the identity of the brand can shine through pure and unclouded. The core of the message is “I know who I am. I am this and nothing else.” 

The Dieline calls this “Identity, Idealised”.

Design elements:  clarity, simple shapes, simple words, the texture of the materials as graphic element, a limited but bright colour palette as the primary means of communication, and only the essential brand message. 

(Above) Designed by Kuudes Kerros for Orkla Foods Finland. The core message is: You are getting the best pickled herring there is, enjoy it like a boy.

(Above and Below) Designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie, the brand is taken back to its roots with its logo as the focal point on all their pizza boxes. There is no unnecessary information and the design is stripped down to a solid red or blue, and the texture of the cardboard is part of the design. The only text is Domino's name and one of the company’s standards as a slogan.

(Above and Below) Designed by Siegenthaler & Co , they did not want to illustrated the fruit in the standard obvious way.  Instead they decided the design should represent the sky over a tropical island at different times of day, from sunrise to sunset, to give the experience of the island. The ingredient fruits are pictured in miniature on the side. Notice how little text there is though all the essential information is present.


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