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We Are Going to Copenhagen!

B&H is excited to be going to SUSTAINABLE BRANDS COPENHAGEN*, September 26-28. The theme is: Activating Purpose with sustainability-led innovation that creates scalable impact and profitability.

As a design and branding studio Butterflies & Hurricanes is intent on becoming the Czech leader in innovation, sustainability, design thinking, and engaging customers through higher purpose.

Therefore in our continuing quest to bring our clients the latest trends and research, we are going to find out even more about how having a higher purpose and giving back can be more profitable that being focused on profit alone.

We will join nearly 500 global business leaders in attending breakout sessions, workshops, plenaries, evening events, and co-create sessions to share ideas and discover how to mobilize our clients’ brands to succeed in the new economy.

Some of the questions we are seeking even more detailed answers to are:

  • Who are the brands that are succeeding, what are they doing, and why?
  • What will it take for these brands to consistently outperform in the highly dynamic 21st century markets?
  • How are they activating system-wide change for a sustainable future?
  • How can we adapt our ideas for the Czech markets?

We will be reporting on our findings on this blog, beginning in October. Stay tuned.

*SUSTAINABLE BRANDS is a global community of courageous optimists who are reshaping the future of commerce worldwide.  We are going to connect with them in person this September.


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